Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Extruder!

So I know it has been for ever since I have updated. Good news, now that it is getting colder out, and now that I have a new purchase, I should be up and running again soon. Things on my list to do

1. Buy new color spools  :complete
2. Update Slic3r
3. New extrude head intalled :almost there!
4. Additional power supply to power the fans and control board since heat bed is pulling a lot right now

A while back I funded this kickstarter by QU-BD. I did a $49 pledge to get a single extruder just to try it out. It arrived yesterday. It is amazing how many backers they have had! Good for them, I am really excited and hope things work out well. This weekend I will hopefully bash out some of the upgrades and get printing!  It will be in a new color too now that I have another nozzle. If things go well I might modify my machine to make it the dual extrusion further down the road.

Here is a pic of what was included, should be everything I need to get it up and running.

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