Sunday, October 7, 2012

Print Bed Leveling Screw Position

So I was having a little issue yesterday when completing the leveling and forgot to include it in the last post. I made one more minor change. I flipped 3 of the 4 bed screws so that they look like this. 
Wood, nylon spacer, washer, M3 nut bed, then M3 nut

It had to do with the same issue of restriction. I was finding by tightening the bed to the wood could still cause some warpage. If I pull down one corner to much it will flex across the opposite diagonal. To combat this I only tightened 1 corner with the bolt down (opposite of picture above). The nuts holding the bed on the other three corners were left off. This allowed it to "float" up and down on the bolts while I made adjustments to the leveling springs. I also clamped the bed to my ceramic plate since that is a known flat surface. I was able to adjust the bed to be level and make sure that I wasn't going to pull down on a corner when locking it in place (flex issue on the diagonal as stated). Once I was happy with the leveling I just finger tightened some nuts on the 3 loose corners to hold it in place. This system as allowed me to get way more level then I ever was before. 

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