Monday, April 6, 2015

General Repair

During the past week I have made some general repairs to the printer since the updated parts.  At the time of upgrade I did not take the time to properly finish the wiring.  I had jumper wires with alligator clips for the thermistor, hot end, and the cooling fan for the hot end.  One day while printing I hit the wires just right and caused a short. This caused some vinyl wire coating to melt and some of the wires to fuse together!!! Scary moment when it happened.  I will say that I never leave the printer unattended so at least I was right here.  I have now corrected this wiring, soldered, and tucked the wires up neatly.  No damage was caused, except to a few of the jumpers I had been using.

Additionally the kapton tape on my heat bed has been in rough shape.  This was fine since I just strategically printed in select areas. I had a large item to print and decided it was time to replace all the kapton tape again.  It looks much better now.

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