Sunday, May 20, 2012

Calibrating again

So I decided recently that although I was happy with my prints, it was time to yet again try to improve them. I picked this object because I was previously having problems with overhangs, the nozzle being to hot, and extruding too much filament.

After printing a bunch of simple test perimeters (1 extrusion width cube walls 20 layers thick) at all different layer thicknesses, I decided to drop my layer height from .32mm to .28mm. I also adjusted my hot end temperature. I was running 250 degrees C but now lowered it to 220 degrees C. In slicing objects I set my retraction to .9mm. Finally, because of the lowered layer thickness there was just too much filament being extruded. I set the extrusion multiplier to .8 and now its just right. 

This is how a hollow cube printed with those settings. Wayyyy better than anything before with skinny features and bridging. With my previous settings the legs would have just melted and the print would have never completed. I used to have huge strings between features too. Now the strings are minimal and easy to clean up.  There are also no massive drag marks in the solid surface from the nozzle. 

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