Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lions and Tigers and.... Whale Tails?

So the wife has been asking me to model the Whale Tails for a while since we always drive by them and they are visible from her office. After a lot of modeling and a few failed prints I finally got them to print well!

Now these are definitely very hairy when they print. That's because the printer prints the perimeter on the left one, the perimeter on the right, then back to the left for infill, then back to the right for infill, then back to the left for the next layer. In between each of the move stages a little bit of plastic oozes out of the nozzle and drags across the gap. 

I little post production cleaning and they are good to go! Also I printed some lion heads :) No real reason I guess, but why not?! PS maybe I lied a little... no tigers..


  1. Perhaps you could crank up the retraction rate a smidge to get rid of that webbing. Try 3.1mm retraction and turn it up slowly from there! Good luck!

  2. Thanks I will be sure to try it on my next one :)