Friday, March 30, 2012

Ink (ABS filament)

Sorry the picture is a little dark... But here is the filament I ordered! 

I ordered it from ebay. I purchased 1.2kg(2.64lbs) of 3mm ABS filament in bright orange. I thought the price was really good but forgot to look at the shipping cost. Shipping was $30!!! Because it came from a foreign country it took a while to get it through the post office. They wouldn't deliver to the apt. and I couldnt make it to the PO during business hours but I caught the postman as he was leaving the building and he went back in and got it for me after-hours. All in all it cost me $62 which is still reasonable since I figured $30/lb and it ended up only being $23.50/lb. They even included a little of their green filament!

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