Thursday, March 15, 2012


I decided to go with a kit since I was affraid I would be leaving parts out left and right. Or either that buy incompatable things. I was mostly worried about forgetting the various plastic parts not knowing what was what. MakerFarms Prusa kit was also V2.0 so it had some updates that improve on the original V1.0.. The kits and materials needed for a V2 are a little elusive as nont many people have published what exactly is needed. I decided to go with metric since most people who build these use metric and though there would be more support if needed.

Makerfarm also has great directions on how to assemble different portions if you do decide to source your materials from all over. I purchased the kit on March 7th and it arrived on the 12th. ($455.75 with shipping) This included all the plastic parts, the extrude head, gen6 electronics, heatbed. Basically everything but rods, motors, and power supply

I also purchased 5 stepper motors prewired at Ultimachine on 3/7 that arrived 3/14 ($118.16 with shipping) It came with 2 samples of their PLA plastic too!

After lots of research on what length rods I needed. I found the correct information on MakerFarm once the new build guides were posted (on 3/11). Monday I ordered six 1meter M8 rods, and three 1meter 8mm linear rods  ($103.19). They were delivered today 3/15 and I was rather annoyed with their choice of packaging. The rods were in a cardboard tube and filled the diameter of the tube about 10%. There was nothing from preventing them from banging together. Thankfully after close inspection the smooth rods were not damaged from the threaded rods hitting them!

I plan on making the cuts tomorrow. Hopefully they turn out nice!

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