Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Extrude Axis Cooling Upgrade

This is a sweet upgrade I did. Haven't tested the cooling capability, but it looks like it will work well

Here is a cooling kit that I purchased for just 9.99! 2 heat-sinks, thermal paste, double sided thermal tape, and a heat-sink with build in fan. It also has to quick attach pushpins.

I immediately whipped up a bracket to fit around the extrude motor and line up with the mounting holes. The holes needed slight reaming. The print as a hole looks beautiful and only required about 300mm of filament 

End view of fan heat-sink to see how bracket was fitted. Underneath the copper I put down a full layer of kapton tape, this was to protect the motor from the thermal paste but still provide good conductivity. It also works as a vibration shield. 

Here is a side view showing the quick push pin. Hopefully I will be doing some heat testing tomorrow!
The smaller additional heat-sink might be placed on the face thats showing in the picture if needed. If not both extras will be put to use on the other motors. 

Update! 4/23
The extrude motor was still getting fairly hot so I added the small heat sink to the side with some of the double sided tape. Major improvement.

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  1. it's looking great. thanks for supplying all that good info and even better - motivation for taking the such a project myself.

    good job