Thursday, April 5, 2012

Print Improvements

So prints in order, 4 on the right from yesterday. In order left to right
1. 20mm Box with shifted layers
2. 10mm Box didnt stick to build platform
3. 15mm cube 25% fill, didnt stick to platform
4. 15mm cube 25% fill, didnt stick to platform
5. Today: the same 20mm box. 15%fill. almost perfect
6. Today: 15mm cube. 15% fill. almost perfect
7. Today: tiered cylinders, kinda eggy
8. Today: a wades extruder gear bottom messed up

I turned up the trimpots to give my steppers some more power as recommended to me. It appears to have done the trick and removed my shifting layers. Just look how much nicer the prints are. I also slowed the speeds by 50% and upped the temp to 240 Degrees C (464*F). To get an idea, the 15mm cube took almost 5minutes and a little over 300mm of filament.

All of today's prints the bottom layer is messed up. Still not getting good adhesion to the build surface. Definitely huge improvements though! I just wish I could make that bottom layer stick.

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