Monday, April 23, 2012

New Print Bed

So previously I had mentioned that I upgraded to printing on a piece of glass from the Home Depot. Well, that was working very well but I was still getting some warping issues and sometimes the glass wouldn't seem that hot. It was suggested to make ABS juice out of dissolved ABS scraps, but I didn't really want to store acetone in my apartment.

An opportunity arose to get a hold of a sheet of flat ceramic. This is a little bigger than the heat bed, but the corners are rounded enough to make it fit. It is flat and parallel within .0002" but failed due to a large chip on one of the edges. Instead of letting it get shattered in the dumpster I asked permission to test this $1095 plate as a print surface. 

The ceramic heats more evenly than the glass ever did, and I do not have insulation under the heatbed like many suggest. The ceramic holds the heat very constant. The ABS would not stick to the bare ceramic so I still needed to use Kapton Tape. I purchased a 1" wide roll from Amazon. So far I have had no warping and the adhesion has been awesome. Even on some bigger prints (no pictures of those)

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